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    ISF Recruitment Process & Questionnaire

    ISF Admin
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department

    ISF Recruitment Process & Questionnaire

    Post by ISF Admin on Fri 29 Jun 2012, 4:14 am


    Step 1 - Register as a user on these forums. Please use the exact ingame name of your main character (including capitals, special symbols, etc).  If you get this wrong, we can make corrections to the name for you but you may have to wait until we have the time.

    Step 2 - Supply your CAK(s) per > See This Post < (one CAK for each account you have/had).

    Step 3 - Follow the instructions in the ISF Recruitment Questionnaire > Click Here <.
    Note: CAK checks are not started until you have completed this Step 3.

    Step 4 - Visit the ingame text chat channel InterSun and ask any ISF Officer (or higher rank) for a recruitment chat (this chat channel is not always personed by ISF Officers so you may have to wait ... or yell out in your own recruitment questionnaire answers thread for attention).

    Step 5 - After we run your CAK check(s) we may have some follow-up questions for you (which are usually evemailed but may be posted in reply to your own recruitment questionnaire answers thread).

    Step 6 - Wait for someone from the ISF Personnel Department (PD) to tell you that you're cleared to apply ingame (ISF now deletes all ingame applications that are made without following the above process).

    * NOTE: Please do not contact ISF using an Alt Character. Inquiries made in our InterSun recruitment chat channel using a character that is clearly an Alt will be ignored and that Alt will be summarily banned from the chat channel. Sorry for this, but we will invest our time in only genuine and honest applications, and the first step is fronting up with your Main Character (which must have been active in Eve-Online for at least 1 month before approaching ISF).


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